Baby Yoga classes

Each class of Tiny Dreamers Developmental Play/Baby Yoga is different and has amazing benefits for mum and baby! Developmental play is a fun and loving activity that will make your baby flourish. Through structured play, stretches, massage, coordination routine and swings Baby Yoga promotes body awareness and coordination, improves quality of sleep and develops a feeling of being loved, secured and respected. The use of songs during the class helps to develop your baby's rhythm and language skills. During the class, mum and baby are working together, which enhances bonding and helps to build strong and loving foundations for the future. The is an opportunity for sensory play after the class that includes: parachute, bubbles, scarves, space blanket and more. We finish each class with a poem, cake, and/or a healthy snack.

All mums and babies have to be after their 6-8 weeks health check.

No previous experience necessary.

All equipment will be provided, just bring your usual changing bag and enjoy!

Prices: £7.00 per single session

             £32.00 block of 5 classes

               £64.00 block of 10 classes

To book contact Kasia at kasia@tinydreamerswelbeing.com

Every Friday at 10:30

2 min walk from Metrolink stop, 5-8 min walk from a very affordable car park on Harding Street M3 7AA.

Benefits of Baby Yoga

  • Enhances bonding and attachment

  • Helps to regulate and strengthen baby's digestive and respiratory systems

  • Stimulates circulatory and nervous system

  • Promotes positive baby handling

  • Helps alleviate common health ailments

  • Teaches positive loving touch and gentle movements

  • Increases strength, muscle tone and flexibility

  • Promotes relaxation and improves quality of sleep

  • Develops body awareness, coordination and balance

  • Develops baby's sense of rhythm and language development 

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During the class

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  • Developmental Play is a fun, loving activity for you and your baby

  • We use a different mantra for each class

  • We start each class with baby massage to warm up our little ones

  • We practice stretches, dips, swings and holds

  • A lot of movements come with a song

  • There is an opportunity for sensory play afterwards that includes: scarves, parachute, space blanket bubbles and much more

  • We finish each class with a poem, cake and/or a healthy snack

  • Family members are always welcome to accompany you and your little one.