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 About Me

My name is Kasia Johnson and I am an experienced massage practitioner. I am specializing in pregnancy massage and I am fully qualified Infant massage and Baby Yoga Instructor.

I decided to pursue this career path because of my deep admiration and love for babies. I have 3 beautiful boys and I have noticed that showing them love and respect through conversation, spending quality time together and gentle loving touch has a great, positive impact on their lives.

Pregnancy massage allows your baby to peacefully and lovingly grow, as well as helping with physiological, emotional and psychological issues that mother-to-be can experience during the time of pregnancy.


It is my life mission to help families to bond and connect with their little ones and to increase mum’s confidence by giving them practical tools to relieve common ailments, improve quality of sleep and to have more positive interaction with their babies.

I truly believe that pregnancy massage can be a magical experience for mother and baby and that baby massage and baby yoga classes are helping to give them the best start in life.

Tiny Dreamers Wellbeing Services

Baby Massage Classes

Tiny Dreamers Baby Massage classes offer unique opportunities to enjoy quality time with your baby in a safe and friendly environment. Learn how to massage your baby, get the tools to relieve common health ailments and meet other mums! Baby massage is an excellent way to connect to your baby and it improves quality of sleep!

Baby Yoga Classes

Tiny Dreamers Baby Yoga is a fun-filled class with amazing benefits for mum and baby!

Our friendly and relaxed class will help you to learn effective breathing and relaxation techniques, practice gentle stretching and strengthening exercise, meet other mums!

Baby Yoga promotes body, mind awareness and coordination, improves quality of sleep and develops a feeling of being loved, secured and respected.

Pregnancy massage and massage services

Luxurious and tailored to your needs massage services.

Give yourself an amazing gift of relaxation.

Pregnancy massage will prepare your body for labour and will relieve common health ailments!

If you are a new mum you can bring your baby with you!

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